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The journey...

  • I lived in and out of India for six years.

  • I've walked barefoot across hot burning coals.

  • I’ve walked barefoot across hot burning coals.

  • I’ve done month long fasts (no solids, only liquids)

  • I've gone months on two to four hours of sleep a night.

  • I’ve lived in a treehouse in the Amazon Jungle and learned from top Shamans the secrets of plant medicines. 

  • I attended Kumbh Mela, the largest festival of consciousness in the world - surrounded by 50 million Hindus in the desert of South India (talk about Burning Man on steroids)!

  • I’ve helped build schools in Sri Lanka.

  • I learned under an Ayurvedic doctor along the foothills of the Himalayas, about homeopathic cures for diseases. 

  • I’ve studied and practiced energy healing, eventually becoming a Reiki master. 

  • I’ve led women’s yoga and meditation retreats all over the world.   

                                             And so much more…

All of the above was for the sole purpose of teaching my mind that I can do whatever I set my intention on. 

  • I grew up secular to very proud Israeli parents. So you can imagine how hard it hit them when their daughter went off on her own spiritual journey, and didn’t take after them in sticking to my Jewish roots. 

  • After ten years of exploring Eastern religions and living in and out of Hindu ashrams in India, it came to many as a surprise when I made the decision to come to Israel. 


I’ve done some pretty wild things in my life. 






Here's how it all happened...

Before making the jump and coming to Israel, I was invited by my Hindu teacher on a three month bus tour with a select few people who he had hand chosen to come along. 


Since the bus tour was going to be rugged, and far from luxurious (I’m talking days without showering or sleeping), I decided to spend one week before the bus’s departure to visit some friends in Bombay, where I knew I could spoil myself a bit before my journey. 


I was sitting by the poolside in Bombay, in a deep meditation, visualizing what I wanted my coaching business to look like, and while trying to get “in the zone”, I kept hearing a voice enter into my head. This voice was persistent and wouldn’t allow me to focus on my meditation, so eventually, after multiple attempts at trying to shoo the voice away, I decided to entertain it. 


Within seconds a loud and clear voice said:

“Leave this country NOW and go to Israel. Don’t stall. Just GO!” 


Within 30 minutes I had my flight booked and the next day landed in Ben Gurion airport with two suitcases, one filled with Indian sari dresses, the other filled with Hindu statues. 

I didn’t have a plan, I was simply following my intuition and letting it guide me. 


It was a matter of weeks before I found myself living in Jerusalem and learning under top notch mystics, Kabbalists and rabbis, the deepest most profound spiritual wisdom I had ever encountered. 


Fast forward a few years...… 


To make a long story short, I am so proud to call myself a Torah Loving Jew who lives a God conscious life. I keep Torah and mitzvot and have never been more fulfilled, both spiritually and physically. 

Since making the move and deep diving into this lifestyle, God really opened up massive portals of opportunity for me. 

Within a year I met my loving husband, we got married and now live in Jerusalem. 

For work, aside from being a therapist and motivational speaker, I have a 3 month coaching program where I teach people the deep secrets behind “The Science of Manifestation”, both from Eastern and Torah perspectives. We work on things like manifesting a life partner, or a business, to overall health. All geared towards creating a life you are absolutely in LOVE with!



Working with Ayelet is like working with a best friend that understands you and sees straight through you.

Beraha Paperman., Tour Guide, Paris, France


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